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Hospicio in Today's World

Haven of Hope

From January 2005 to the present, Hospicio has been a home to 412 children, 194 of whom were surrendered and abandoned children. Within this period, 319 children were discharged. From this group, 218 were reunited with their families or kin; 74 were adopted, 7 locally and 67 internationally; 23 trained for independent living outside Hospicio, or graduated and are employed; 3 were transferred to another facility; and 1 passed away.

Hospicio has assisted in making the aging process joyful and peaceful for 120 older persons. In that period, 44 were discharged, most to the care of the Creator, and 9 to families or kin.

In the same period, Hospicio has cared for 64 persons with special needs. Eight are now in the bosom of the Father, while the remaining 56 will continue to be nurtured and cared for by Hospicio until God summons them back to His loving arms.


Toddlers getting a ride along one of Hospicio's hallways.

special kids
Special needs kids from Rendu B dorm  revving up for a Valentine's Day parade.

The elderly women with their caregivers in the hallway near Sta. Luisa Dormitory.

No adoptive parents have been found for these children, although, recently, a deaf mute child, Joshua Sevilla, was adopted by a single mother from the United States and is doing well in his new home.

Since December 8, 1986 when Tahan Center was inaugurated, Hospicio has responded to a variety of crises in the lives of walk-in clients. Tahan Center was temporarily closed in 2004; however, it reopened in October 2006. Since then, 690 people in crisis situations have been assisted and given temporary relief in their distress


Where does Hospicio get its resources to keep such an enormous facility going? That’s the question visitors usually ask when they tour the whole Isla.

Sr. Maria Socorro Pilar G. Evidente, the Administrator of Hospicio, answers: "The primary truth is…Hospicio is a living testimony of the wonderful and gracious Providence of God! It is not a joke to provide for the basic and daily needs of nearly 300 people. But in my nearly six years of leading the flock, I cannot help but marvel at how God provides for us. Much as I am inclined to worry and be anxious when our remaining balance by the end of the month is less than P1 million, my own personal experience of our gracious God, fills me with hope. We just have to rally all our children and elderly to pray with us, while I do my own share of the work. That’s the secret of our 200 years of service

"The other truth is that nearly 50% of our income comes from donations. The other half comes from income- generating projects, income from our properties in Binondo and Pasay, and from a little investment."

Author: Coylee Gamboa