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Awarding of Level II Accreditation of Hospicio de San Jose

speech accreditation
Sr. Maria Socorro G. Evidente's speech was read during the awarding of Level II Accreditation of Hospicio de San Jose by DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman at the Department of Social Welfare and Development's National Office.

Good morning, Everyone. Only God knows how much I desired to be there for this joyous occasion, the accep- tance of our Level 2 Accreditation certificate, from no other than our beloved DSWD Secretary, Dinky Soliman. But, I am presently having my Annual Retreat in Tagay- tay and I discerned at prayer this decision I have arrived at — to make a supreme sacrifice of depriving myself of that joy of receiving the award in person. I realized that God has been so good to me personally all these years and most especially when I was made Administrator of Hospicio de San Jose in 2005. I cannot begrudge Him the few hours that I can still commune with Him in prayer just because I want to be there. Besides, it is to HIM that all glory and honor is due!

Whatever Hospicio has accomplished through the years would not have been possible without His lavish Providence manifested through an outpouring of dona- tions from our benefactors, His continuous guidance and enlightenment that made us creative and inventive, His loving care for and nurturing of all residents of Hospicio, saving us from calamities and from illnesses, etc. He is in your midst now receiving the award that is due to Him! We are just His servants, doing our respective duties and responsibilities in accordance with His will.

All that we desired was to give quality service to the most abandoned and neglected ones of society in whom God has deigned to be served by us. He has blessed our little efforts so tremendously. We are humbled by such graciousness! I guess my fellow NGOs are one with me in this conviction. Without Him, we would not have achieved what we have achieved!

It was not an easy task to meet the standards of De- partment of Social Welfare and Development as regards our service, but we did it because the POOR deserve to be treated well and given the BEST in life. We took a lot of risks in improving our facilities, our staffing, our man- ner of delivery of services, etc., even without the ready assurance that financially we would make it. But God doubled our resources because we took such risks believ- ing and trusting in faith that, if our intentions are genu- ine, God will take care of the rest. The days and years to come will be more or less the same. If God approves of our initiatives in the desire to be relevant and responsive to new needs of the new poor, He will bless us again with resources and support our initiatives with His abiding grace. This is our conviction and on that lies our success!

On behalf of our fellow NGOs, we thank the offi- cials of DSWD, especially Secretary Dinky Soliman. Di- rector Alice Bunoan and, of course, our accreditor Carol for similarly recognizing our little efforts. It is indeed a great honor for us to receive this Level 2 Accreditation this year, while we are celebrating our Bicentennial Foun- dation Anniversary. We cannot discount the legacy of all those who have gone ahead of us all these 200 years of our existence: the Daughters of Charity who have served in Hospicio since 1865, the lay Partners in Mission, the undying support and trust of our Benefactors, the prayers in heaven of all our deceased children and elderly and, most of all, our powerful intercessors: St. Joseph, the Blessed Mother and all the Vincentian saints and blessed. To them we also say THANK YOU!

May we continue to be inspired and aspire towards excellence — all for the greater honor and glory of God and fueled by the unconditional LOVE we have for per- sons who are poor and marginalized. Again, thank you and Good Day.


by Coylee Gamboa