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German Entrepreneur Donates 20,000 Euros for Infants and Toddlers at Hospicio de San Jose

German entrepreneur and Agricultural Engineer Manfred Görg earlier this year donated €20,000 (more than P1,000,000) to Hospicio de San Jose. Mr. Görg and his son are featured here with Sr. Maria Socorro Pilar G. Evidente, administrator of Hospicio de San Jose, who received the donation intended for the infants and toddlers of the charity-funded hospice that caters to the poorest of the poor from infants to the elderly.
“I think that helps a lot of newborn to three years old. Diapers, milk, medical help, whatever they need, I am very happy to help,” Engr. Görg said in an interview.

Engr. Görg is the founder of Dr. Goerg GmbH, a company that manufactures Philippine Virgin Coconut Oil and other organic products such as coconut water, coconut milk, coconut butter, coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut chips, coconut blossom syrup and desiccated coconut. The company is the leading distributor of these coconut products in Europe, and has recently opened new markets in the Middle East and South America.
Dr. Goerg’s Philippine unit manufactures the oil through a proprietary method. The coconuts are grown in sustainably managed bio-plantations (kbA-certified) in the southern part of Luzon and are cold pressed one hour after shelling before these are three days old in order to retain the freshness. Only healthy, unbroken coconuts are used. The resulting product is reputed to be the best quality virgin coconut oil in the world.
Philippine Virgin Coconut Oil has 59.42% lauric acid, the highest for any brand of coconut oil worldwide, according to Engr. Görg.
Lauric acid has traditionally been used in combating disease-causing agents. Coconut oil — a rich natural source of lauric acid — and has gained popularity around the world for its medicinal properties. Apart from its health benefits, coconut oil is also used for cooking and baking, and for beauty regimens.
Coconut products from the Philippines have made profits for the seven-year-old company and this donation to Hospicio de San Jose is one way of giving back to the Philippines, Engr. Görg explained. “We do what we can to give back what we take out,” he added.
In similar generous activities, the German philanthropist has also boosted the livelihood capabilities of farmers by giving them 10,000 coconut trees. And he initiated a school project to provide higher education for children in Mindoro. His wife, Erliza, provides free dental treatment to indigent people.
Manfred Görg grew up in a family that was never rich. He recalled, “We were six kids and my mother lived her life for the children. When I was young, I had nothing in my hands and I worked hard to become successful.”
The young Manfred studied Agricultural Engineering in Germany and the United States. Prior to launching Dr. Goerg GmbH, he was a manager in Germany, selling cities and towns solutions on how to be become cleaner and greener. He was among the top three in his line of work and was very successful.
He came to the Philippines 13 years ago to attend the wedding of German friend who was marrying a Filipina. At the reception, he asked where he should go for the rest of his holiday. “Anywhere but Mindanao,” they told him. The very next day, he took a bus from Cebu to Mindanao (by RoRo ferry) and visited areas like Zamboanga, Butuan and Illigan. “I believe in the goodness of human beings,” he said of his adventure. And goodness was what he encountered everywhere. He fell in love with the country and the people, and kept returning to the Philippines.
It was inevitable that he would fall in love with a Filipina. Some years later, he met Erliza, a dentist, and they were married in 2005. They now have a six-year-old son.
Engr. Görg had seen real poverty in some areas of the Philippines, but he had also seen the abundant natural resources. He wanted to help alleviate the poverty. Drawing on his agricultural engineering background, he decided to put up a facility to manufacture premium coconut oil. His timing couldn’t have been better. Trans fats were out and healthy, organic oils were in. His Philippine Virgin Coconut Oil caught on in Europe, becoming a best-selling brand.
He continued, “I am thankful that God gave me the chance to be successful. With success comes money, but most worthwhile things in life you cannot buy. Love, understanding, somebody to praise you sincerely, you cannot buy for money.”
Of his substantial donation, he said, “The money we earn, we don’t need all for ourselves and I’m thankful to God for that. I want to give the success back to the people. The kids of Hospicio de San Jose will grow up and may become successful. Maybe they were will remember a guy from Germany who helped them, and they will also help others.”
Engr. Görg is also imparting to his son this generosity. “I teach my son to also take care of other people. He grew up with lot of things, but we made him understand not everything is for free. To have money to buy what you want, you have to work for it, to sell a lot of coconut oil for it.”
Referring to a previous donation, he recalled, “When we took Sr. Socorro to buy tables and chairs for the children, my son went with us and spent his money also. Back home [in Germany] he told his friends that he helped children with no mother and father. Now he wants to see the kids again and what we are doing. He explained this already to other kids. Maybe they will understand and they will also be generous.”
Engr. Görg, who declares his heart is in the Philippines, now wants to start a new business for organic and certified malungay products to be distributed worldwide. And he will produce his malungay produce with the same secret ingredient that he produces his coconut products, TLC. Tender loving care.
Manfred Görg calls it positive energy. “We believe in the people and treat them well, so they treat us good, too. Positive energy is flowing as we manufacture our products. And customers feel this. On their own, people to us after using our products for their health, their food or their skin and tell us, ‘I feel good with that product.’ When I can touch the soul of the customer with my products, then I know what I am doing is right.”