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The Staff

Today, Hospicio de San Jose continues to provide exemplary care to the most abandoned and neglected in society. 1 Statistics, as well as actual admissions and referrals to Hospicio, show that more children are being abandoned or surrendered. Hospicio has responded to this trend by putting a greater emphasis on adoptions or placing the children with alternative families. In 2007, Hospicio decided to shift its flagship program from the Program for Persons with Special Needs to the Adoption Program. It also decided to reduce admissions for Temporary Shelter and intensify family interventions to reunite the children with their birth families within a year. In this, Hospicio adheres to the principle that the best interests of children are best served within families — their own biological families first and, failing that, adoptive families.

Hospicio has four major programs: the Children and Youth Welfare and Development Program; the Program for Persons with Special Needs; the Program for Older Persons; and the Crisi Intervention Program. If, in the past, Hospicio catered to the needy from "the cradle to the grave,” now it is "from the womb to the tomb” because pregnant women are attended to at the Crisis Center.

To ensure effective delivery of these major services, five Department Heads assist the Administrator in the management of the institution. They are: the Head for Administrative Services, the Head for Pastoral and Home-Life Services, the Head for Social Services, the Head for Health Services and the Head for Human Resource and Development. The Management Team is ably supported by a strong force of 124 employees and 17 volunteers.

management staff

social and admin staff