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Non-Residential Services include Foster Care Service, Community Outreach to Older Persons, After-Care Services, Educational Sponshorship

care for elderly


Foster Care is an alternative parental care for children whose birth families cannot take care of them temporarily or permanently. It assures opportunities for the child’s holistic development and offers individualized care, attention and stimulation which every child needs while awaiting return to their birth families or permanent placement.


In 1998 the institution went beyond the walls of Hospicio de San Jose to extend service to the older persons to nearby community particularly in San Miguel area. Services extended include:

  • Nutritional supplements implemented through monthly feeding
  • Socio-cultural/recreational opportunities which is usually conducted together with the residents
  • Vocational rehabilitation activities
  • Spiritual enrichment services


The After Care Services aim to provide monitoring and guidance during a transitional period of six (6) months to discharged children. This is to give both the parents/guardian and the children enough time to situate themselves and adjust with their reintegration. The transition may already be smooth as both are well prepared prior to discharge but the after care services still bridges the unseen gaps that may have developed due to their separation during residence of children in the institution.

During this period, the children’s adjustment and coping mechanisms are critical of which lapses may occur not only on their part but on their parents as well. Thus psychosocial services like counseling may still be extended to them. Necessary endorsements to local government units of their origin are also done to provide them continuing access to basic social services they may further need.


To address educational needs of the children individual or group of sponsors are tapped to provide for the educational expenses of a particular child. This is especially beneficial for children who are reintegrated into their birth families. Once discharged the child is provided with educational sponsorship when necessary and the resources are available. He/she will be followed-up by the After-care Social Worker or endorsed to the Local Government Unit in his/her place of residence.